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Kingsway Counseling is involved in collaborative community efforts designed to achieve a specific goal.  Partnerships include government, social service and faith-based entities.  Kingsway works hard to achieve the particular aim defined by our partners and evaluates the success of our endeavors.
FAMILY & FRIENDS NETWORK  (10:00 AM - 12:00 noon)
Markham Public Library & Leighton Criminal Court Building  


Kingsway Counseling facilitates a monthly support group to provide a non-judgmental, safe haven for family and friends of victims of violent crimes.  Participants come and share their feelings, joys, heartaches, challenges, and experiences with others who understand.  It is an opportunity to communicate, without feeling an imposition on others, with those who will listen. (All meeting communication is confidential with the exception of public information.)


Leighton Criminal Court Building (2650 S. California Ave., Chicago, IL.  60608)


Markham Public Library (16640 S. Kedzie Avenue, Markham, IL.  60428)


For questions please call 773.674.7200




Since 2009, The Ravines has been meeting the needs of couples who have been struggling in their marriages. The Ravines has helped Christian couples overcome many damaging dynamics in their relationship so their marriage can be healed to the health and function God intends.  In partnership with The Ravines, Kingsway Counseling staff participate in the couples counseling intensive.  This is a 2 1/2 day experience where couples are provided Christ-centered therapy in a private setting and are given the uninterrupted time needed to work through difficult and painful issues.  


The Ravines Retreat Center  is located in Lake County, IN. 



Kingsway began as a partnership with local churches whose pastors did not have the time or expertise to work with members who were struggling with problems that extended beyond their training.  Today, services include discounted rates for benevolence situations, where individuals and families would otherwise not be able to afford Christian-based professional counseling services. In addition, we have been able to be a resource to church leaders who may need consultation for those with whom they are ministering. 


If your church is interested in partnering with us for counseling services 


We have had the privilege to work alongside numerous local non-profits, public and private agencies, businesses, churches and schools to offer consulting expertise, public speaking and training.  We can develop a workshop to meet your professional needs.  If you have a specific topic in mind, contact us and we'd by happy to talk with you about it. 


Contractual services are also available for adoption supervision with Licensed Child Placing Agencies and clinical supervision for mental health professionals.   


Contact Rebecca Witzke for more information.


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